Unemployment is expensive, it squanders resources and divides our society.

Organising and financing jobs and training in the place of unemployment benefits those involved directly, increases the quality of life for all and, what is more, it makes sense in terms of the state budget, too.

We are the association of employment and training enterprises in Germany. We believe that every person should have the chance of work and education to enable a self-determined participation in society.

The social enterprises and service providers for the labour market associated in "bag arbeit" develop and implement employment and training projects for long-term unemployed and social security recipients, for young people without training and for women returning to their jobs. These efforts are based on the self-help potential and the own responsibility of the job-seekers who are supported in their search for a perspective on the labour market. On the backdrop of the change in the world of gainful employment, the demands posed and opportunities offered, the unemployed, employers and employees, the labour administrations and municipalities are offered services in human resources development, structural development, further training and in arranging employment. New ways out of unemployment are explored together with public employers and the European Union.

The working society is changing rapidly and radically. In future, a lot will depend on whether work, time and income can be distributed more sensibly and more just, women and men can be involved equally in the various spheres of work, economic growth can be guided into sustained channels and the individual risks of change can be compensated socially. "bag arbeit" and its members accompany the social change by mobilising social capital and networking the players and it participates actively in the formulation of political demands and objectives.

"bag arbeit" supports the extension, continuity and further development of the concept of active employment promotion and seeks the cooperation and consensus with all social forces. In a dialogue with the various players, the association represents the concerns of its members and opens up new possibilities of cooperation. It provides information for its members on new developments and the feedback on their experience to politicians and the administrations. The experience of its members is bundled and a transfer and an exchange with academics is organised.

"bag arbeit" develops and communicates proposals and demands for a further development of a labour-market policy fit for the future. Together with its branches, it takes into consideration regional differences and organises the dialogue between the players. It accompanies the processes of legislation, the development and implementation of regulations and administrative rulings as well as the discussions on the volume and financing of employment promotion critically and constructively both at the national and regional levels. The association comes out in favour of reforms and participation with the aim of using public means in an efficient, accountable and responsibly-minded manner in order to avoid and decrease long-term unemployment.

"bag arbeit" promotes the public debate on the future of employment with conferences, workshops and expert discussions. It develops joint projects with different media and undertakes efforts to present its positions adequately in the public by means of a vivid press work.

"bag arbeit" promotes cooperation and communication amongst its members. It organises the exchange of experience and mutual support. The association initiates and coordinates professional working groups and supports their concerns vis-à-vis the players on the labour market. With the help of publications and on the Net, "bag arbeit" works for more information and transparency and opens up opportunities of forming an opinion.

Our member enterprises and their employees offer high-quality and sensible products and services. They support the structural development in their regions and strengthen the purchasing power. By bundling the various sources of finance, they trigger additional projects and tasks - often in cooperation with commercial companies - and thus contribute to securing and creating jobs in the economy. Seeking market niches, they are pacemakers in developing technical and social innovations and a sustained economy, frequently.

The association supports the continuous process of improvement and further development of its member enterprises. It conducts further training courses for employees and members, develops and maintains the pool of experts for consulting to employment and training bodies and supports the implementation of quality management.

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